Welcome Artists!

It's time to Update my Gallery!

I'd like to fill one side of my Gallery Hall with 2 - 4 Local Artists,

so please stop by with a selection of your art, or a porfolio for me to view.

I'd like to make my selections and prepare to hang art for viewing

starting May 2014!

Also, I'm looking into starting a Artist-Group ordering for Artist Supplies!

I'm currently researching to find out what Artist need most regularly so this is where your imput is needed. Please take some time and let me know what your favorite go-to brands are for paper, canvas, ink, paint, pencils, etc.

To start off, I'll be placing orders once a month for the first 2-4 mothes and then picking up to twice a month, maybe weekly depending upon needs.

As I learn what regular needs are, I will start stocking those items on a regular basis.

Please email me with you suggestions below or at:   info@ptartandframe.com

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